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Blended Learning Environments – Goodbye Traditional Training Methods

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 “Turning the traditional classroom training model on its head…”

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So … what is blended learning environment?

Blended learning is an emerging hybrid form of learning.
The process doesn’t involve blending text books and erasers, nope.
Instead, this form of learning involves learning that takes place in a traditional classroom way combined with learning that takes place on a technical device usually over the internet.
More and more organisations and businesses are using the revolutionising blended learning environment (BLE)… and here’s why:

Personalised training experiences

The blended learning environment enables employees to create their own customized learning experience. So … that means if you are struggling with a certain topic, you can access additional learning resources online or get the additional support from your classroom teacher (or even your line manager) – so you can gain the best out of your blended learning environment!

Enhance employee performance

Sitting through hours and hours of slideshow presentations isn’t fun, right?
Wouldn’t you much prefer picking and choosing the elements you want to do to improve your performance and skill sets? Well… blended learning means you can pick which topics to focus on and how long to focus on them for, you can set your own learning pace.
Keep your employees engaged and motivated with blended learning!

Save training costs

The benefit that brings many organisations to a blended learning environment is the cost savings. With online courses, they can be updated and expanded within the space of a few minutes as there are no printed materials to worry about. Classroom training days can also focus primarily on practical elements meaning organisations won’t have to do full training days but instead reduce the training time.

Track employee skill and development

Track how much the learners learnt during classroom courses – support classroom learning with eLearning scenario questions and case studies.
With online learning management systems (LMS) such as LearnPac, you can download real time learner reports… so you know who’s done what and when! This is a great feature especially when deciding to give out appraisals.


“Blended learning is not just a trend, and we’re starting to see technology integrating in really intentional ways”

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Blended learning is only going to get bigger and better!

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