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E-Learning | A short introduction

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What is E-Learning?

In simple terms, e-learning refers to electronic learning. As such, e-learning requires the use of a computer or other electronic device. eLearning can be delivered in a school, distance learning, university education or for organisational statutory mandatory training courses.

E-learning - LearnPac Online Learning Systems

People have mixed feelings about e learning. Some feel that the use of electronic devices in education can remove the human element that would normally be provided by the instructor. However, the technological advancements over the past two decades have led to significant changes in our personal and professional lives. Almost everyone now has a smartphone or similar device where they can access day to day services. We also extensively use smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops within professional environments. As such, many people now embrace the use of technological devices within the learning environment.

Additionally, e-learning is now more interactive, thus making it easy to deliver even complex modules. Technological interactiveness help to engage users, facilitate distance learning and meet different learning needs. 

What are the benefits of e-learning? 

Research shows that many organisations (large and small), are switching to e-learning. The mass migration to online learning has in part been driven by the technological advancements. In comparison with the traditional classroom learning, elearning has many advantages. The following benefits of e learning have been reported:

  • It is becoming more popular with learners
  • Makes training delivery faster
  • Lower costs of set up and delivery
  • More effective learning for users
  • Lower organisational environmental impact

Why choose Learnpac as your e-learning provider?

LearnPac works with many independent and organisational training instructors to develop meaningful e-learning. Our team of technical developers work together with subject matter experts across various sectors. This helps to create an interactive blended learning environment (BLE) that can be used in any industry. 

LearnPac’s BLE is a free online learning portal that can be used by any organisation to provided structured online training courses. Contact our Support Team on 0845 862 9555 to see how we can help your organisation stay ahead with E-Learning. Alternatively, you can register for our FREE blended learning environment to start your online learning journey today!