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Should you white label your LMS (learning management system)?

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Should you white label your LMS (learning management system)?

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“Personalisation and strong branding are key to the success of any business or organisation.”

So why not have an LMS (learning management system) that reflects your brand too?
We understand that an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution isn’t what everyone is looking for.
Why stop at a ‘plain Jane’ LMS (learning management system) when you could have a range of branding elements like company colours, a logo, custom URL login page, company taglines/slogans and so much more…

“Your branding is what defines you as an organisation”

Why have another company’s logo on your staff’s learning portal? – It’s time for you to take ownership, it’s time for you to brand your LMS!
Essential branding elements include:
The elearning portal login page – this page is important as this is your users’ main entrance to the learning portal. Having your own branded login page that is consistent with the rest of your brand is important. I mean you don’t want to have a login link on your site that goes to a page which has none of your branding on it, do you?
The solution to this would be to get your own tailored login page, giving you the flexibility to add company logos, colour themes as well as a custom URL too.
The elearning portal – inevitably your users are going to spend the most time here, so surely you want the overall look and feel of the LMS to be impressive? To personalise the portal, you should be able to add elements like your own logo and remove reference to the provider you are using – this will help give the platform a strong visual identity that makes a big impact on the users experience too.
Branded training certificates – Having your own branded certificates may seem like something small. But … when you look at the bigger picture a certificate is a form of marketing. The amount of people that may show the certificate to a future employer is endless…

“Branding is the art of becoming recognisable, likable and trustable…”

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“Fitting in is a short-term strategy, standing out pays off in the long run…”

Here at LearnPac we strongly stand by the quote above and are always finding new ways to improve our learning management system, so you can personalise the portal even more! LearnPac is a cutting edge, innovative, accredited UK online learning management system (LMS) provider.
Our team of experienced content developers, copywriters and technical developers always carefully think, plan and implement their ideas to create a fantastic e-learning system that is constantly being updated and upgraded so you can get the best out of your online system and can give your employees a learning experience they won’t forget!
For more information on elearning and LMS systems get in touch with our team today:
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