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“Online learning is not the next big thing; it is the now big thing”

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ELearning may sound like an untraditional, ineffective method of learning.
But trust me – there are a lot of elearning benefits! More and more people are warming up to the idea of eLearning, not only is it cost and time effective but ‘eLearning is the now big thing’ with over 70% of organisations in the UK using eLearning.
Are you part of that percentage?
If you’re not part of that 70% – Let us now amaze you with 5 key benefits ELearning can bring to both organisations and individuals (there’s obviously more than just 5 benefits, but we don’t want to blow your mind just yet!)

✓ Elearning is cost effective 

As a business, elearning is massively cost effective. This is due to the speed and ease in which e-learning is delivered, the costs of both learning and development for an organisation are hugely reduced! Companies such as McDonalds have saved over £5million in 2 years through elearning (how crazy is that!)

✓ Online learning saves time

With elearning, you can set your own learning pace (rather than the pace of a group) No travel time is needed – all you need is a smartphone, tablet or desktop and you can get started with a click of a button at anytime and anyplace!

✓ Elearning courses are not boring 

Unlike traditional text books – elearning courses allow you to interact with the course, through things such as hover images, videos and activities throughout (as well as many more interactive features!). Online courses are proven to be more engaging (plus you can sit at home in your pyjamas learning, instead of being in a dark, cramped training room)

✓ Online learning has a lower environmental impact 

With elearning you can basically learn, earn certificates and be nice to the environment. Online courses are an alternative to paper based methods and is an effective way for modern organisations to reduce their carbon footprint.

✓ Elearning develops workforce

Yep, that’s right – elearning massively improves workforce development and attitudes. This is proven with our friends at McDonalds, who say eLearning courses have improved sales by 10%.


“Elearning doesn’t just ‘happen’! It requires careful planning and implementation!”

 LearnPac Elearning Benefits

Here at LearnPac we strongly believe in developing meaningful and engaging online learning materials and assessments. LearnPac is a cutting edge, innovative, accredited UK online learning management system (LMS) provider.

Our team of experienced content developers, copy writers and technical developers always carefully think, plan and implement their ideas to create a fantastic e-learning system that is constantly being updated and upgraded.

For more information on elearning and LMS systems get in touch with our team today:

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